04 December 2014

Vincent Cross: December newsletter

Thanks to Vincent Cross, the Irish bluegrass scene's ambassador in New York City, for his December newsletter, which includes links to songs from his two albums: 'Grandma's home brew' and 'Home away from home' (from the 2009 album of the same name), and 'Turn your eyes', 'Sometimes', and 'Christmas waltz' from A town called Normal. There are also links to interviews of two artists in his 'Songwriters and their guitars' series: Jen Larson and Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers. Vincent writes:

Dear Friends,
The end of the year is approaching, and I wanted to reach out with a hearty 'thank you'. What a year it’s been, with tours in Australia, USA, as well as appearances at NERFA (North Eastern Regional Folk Alliance) & FAI (Folk Alliance International). All of which have created new opportunities and inspired new songs.

Your support over the year has kept me open to sharing the music that I hold so dear to my existence, and with the release of
A town called Normal (2013), I've felt that I'm getting closer to creating the music that I've always wanted to hear. Thank you!

Read Vincent's complete newsletter here.

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