31 December 2014

Seeing the new year in at the Rockies Club

Thanks to Roger Ryan of the Country Music Association of Ireland and the Rockies Club (Blackrock National Hurling Club) on Church Rd, Blackrock, Cork for the news that the Rockies Club will be saying goodbye to the Old Year and hello to the New Year with live music: tonight (New Year's Eve) Jim O'Sullivan and Tim McCarthy, and on Thursday (New Year's Day) the Hank Wedel Band. A month later (31 Jan.) there will be a six-piece dance band at the Club Pavilion for an evening of dance music. Roger adds:

All the recent functions at the Club were very successful and well supported. In November we had our biggest crowd in a long time for the visit of Rackhouse Pilfer. On 20 December, local band Two Time Polka proved yet again that they are the most exciting and energetic band we have had at the Rockies. They had the crowd on their feet dancing for most of the night.

... We are now looking forward confidently to a great New Year and we wish all our teams lots of success in the various competitions. We will welcome your continued support at our games and our functions in the Club. Happy New Year to all. Rockies AbĂș!

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