22 December 2014

Music (and travel) opportunities

Thanks to two good friends on the Continent: first, to Walter Fuchs in Bühl, near Baden-Baden in south-west Germany, for this copy of the poster for the 13th International Bühl Bluegrass Festival (15-16 May 2015), which Walter has organised from the outset.

OK, we know there are two bluegrass festivals taking place in the Netherlands around that time - the Gulpener Bluegrass Festival at Utrecht on 14 May and the EWOB Festival at Voorthuizen (14-16 May) - but if Germany should happen to suit your spring travel plans, the Bühl festival has a stellar lineup headed by Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver (USA), and the city (between the Rhine and the Black Forest mountains) is a very agreeable place, with a first-class auditorium for concerts.
Thanks also to Danilo Cartia for news of the 2015 Acoustic Guitar Meeting in Sarzana, Italy, at the end of May. Danilo organises an Italian Bluegrass Meeting day (also on Facebook) as part of the event, and he is now proud to announce that for the 2015 edition (29 May) the guests of honour will be the US maestri Mark Johnson & Emory Lester and Russ Barenberg, who will give an evening show on the main stage and lead free banjo, mandolin, and guitar workshops during the day. A special area will be reserved for the Meeting with a dedicated stage on which bluegrass bands and artists will alternate shows, jam sessions, and more workshops.

Danilo invites all bands and musicians to register (free) to the Meeting by sending him an e-mail. You can also keep up with developments on the Meeting's blog and Facebook.
It's always worth keeping track of the flow of current offers from such leading companies as Compass Records (with their fine catalogue of Celtic music as well as some of the best in bluegrass), ArtistWorks (the premier online music instruction school, with its A-list of teachers for all the bluegrass instruments), and the mother of all instructional recordings enterprises, Homespun. Check, for instance, the latest e-newsletters from Compass Records and Homespun, and visit ArtistWorks for the latest opportunities for tuition courses on your instrument. And Gold Tone continue to bring out stimulating innovations in instruments and accessories: see their Christmas newsletter.

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