20 December 2014

More Brookfield Knights news for next autumn

Thanks to Loudon Temple of the UK's Brookfield Knights (BK) roots music agency for news of two acts from the Vancouver (CAN) area who will be available for bookings in these islands in the autumn of 2015.

Following the success of a recent tour by the duo of Petunia and Nathan M. Godfrey, BK are inviting them to return for three weeks from 4 Sept. 2015 after playing dates in Sweden. This YouTube footage shows them playing at the Green Note in London. And don't miss the photos and comments on the Red Room Facebook for their show in Cookstown earlier this month.

BK are also 'super excited' to be bringing over Ben Rogers in Oct. 2015. His album Lost stories: volume one won critical acclaim and airplay, and a new album is due for release in the UK in late spring. A brief TV feature on him was shown in Canada recently.

Loudon asks promoters and event organisers to let BK know if they would like to provide a slot for either act in those timeframes, and also to indicate if possible any preferred dates, to help in planning tour logistics.

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