22 December 2014

High-class bluegrass abroad - more news

Thanks to a third good friend on the Continent - Rainer Zellner, head of the Music Contact agency based in Tübingen, Germany - for two pieces of news: first, his annual 'travelling festival', the Bluegrass Jamboree! has just completed its three-week tour through central Europe.

Rainer launched the Jamboree in 2009 and it has been a steadily growing success. Town Mountain from North Carolina, this year's Jamboree headliners, have described their experiences on Bluegrass Today. In the photo, showing all the artists in this year's event, Rainer is on the far right.

Secondly, Rainer has organised a ten-day tour for Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, who will be playing at the Bühl and Utrecht festivals mentioned earlier today on the BIB, plus four other dates in Germany, one in Austria, and one in Prague, and ending with two days (23-4 May) at the Spring Bluegrass Festival Willisau in Switzerland.

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