15 December 2014

Front Country in Britain and Ireland, 3-22 Nov. 2015

More news from Loudon Temple of the UK's Brookfield Knights agency: the innovative young San Francisco-based band Front Country (above) will be available to tour in these islands in the period 3-22 November 2015.

Bob Harris of BBC Radio 2 is quoted as calling them 'currently the biggest band on the bluegrass scene in America'. This may be a little premature; but given that they formed in 2011 and launched their debut album, Sake of the sound, just this year, they've already had a big impact on the western US scene (winning the band competitions at the Telluride and Rockygrass festivals) and are making themselves felt in the east.

Bluegrass Today has published two very positive features on them in the last few months, and they're warmly commended by members of the Steep Canyon Rangers and the Infamous Stringdusters. You can read the kind of reviews they get on their press webpage and watch them in action in eight videos on their website and elsewhere on YouTube. As an example of their work on a song that has become a bluegrass standard, Loudon sends this link to a video of their 'Rock salt and nails'.

The original plan was for Front Country to come over in late October and early November 2015, but as they have had a big offer in the US that will keep them occupied in October, the dates for which they are now available are in the first three-quarters of November. Contact Brookfield Knights for more information and bookings.

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