14 November 2014

Wookalily - All the waiting while release, 29 Nov. 2014

Thanks to Wookalily for their latest newsletter, announcing the long awaited launch of their first album:

We will be performing one very special show at Yard 401, Little Donegall St., Belfast, on Saturday 29 November 2014 to launch the physical and digital release of our debut album All the waiting while. The aim was to record a debut album with past and present members of the band. It’s therefore a snapshot of the life and times of Wookalily and now the waiting is over! We had lots of fun making the album and we hope you can join us at the launch to celebrate its release.

The launch in Belfast will be our last concert in the city this year. It will showcase various guitars, banjos, percussion instruments, djembe, mandolin, and much more. There will also be special guest performances from well known singers Elaine McConaghie, Nina Armstrong, Rowena Cairns, Catherine Grehan and much-sought-after musicians Suzanne Savage on fiddle, Rohan Armstrong on double bass, and Colin Henry on dobro, all who have contributed their talents to the album.

Read more in the newsletter, where you can also pre-order the album, read a track list, see the official video of 'Banjo blues' (also on YouTube), and read many of the very positive reviews of the music of Wookalily (also on Facebook).

That particular Saturday will also be a lively night for bluegrass in Cork and Athy (see the BIB for 5 Nov.). Has anyone organised anything for Connacht?

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