11 November 2014

The New Breadwinners hit the scene

Thanks to John Denby, who announces a new three-piece Dublin-based bluegrass band - the New Breadwinners, consisting of John (mandolin), Luke Coffey (banjo), and Niall Hughes (guitar). John writes:

Following our appearances at the CruthĂș Arts Festival in Longford and the Balla Bluegrass Festival, we are pleased to announce the new band and have launched our Facebook page and YouTube channel and are now available for bookings.

There are two live videos from Longford on our Facebook page, which can also be viewed at our YouTube channel.

The videos show the trio on stage at Longford, making a big impression with their deft arrangement of 'Beaumont Rag' and the original song 'John Keavney'. Full details of the band, including contact data, can be found here. NB: John is still a member of the Down and Out Bluegrass Band, and Luke and Niall are still members of Well Enough Alone.

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