18 October 2014

Your chance to ensure the Special C. play at Headford!

Here's a message from Willie Campbell of Campbell's Tavern, Cloughanover, Headford, Co. Galway. which has hosted many music events. Willie hopes to present the Special Consensus (above) on 11 January 2015; and while times and economic circumstances are changing, he has come up with a new way of making this possible:

I have a small country venue in Co. Galway since 2001. Holds about 110 and we have done lots of gigs over the years with Nigel Martyn [of the Old Flattop agency, organising the Special C. tour].

I've found that people's habits have changed and they don't buy tickets in advance. This has made it pretty impossible for us to offer guarantees to artists, and this means we can't put on gigs, which is what we love doing.

I've come across a possible solution which puts the decision into the hands of the fans. It's the crowd-funding concept. People have two weeks to buy a ticket. I need to sell 78 tickets to break even. It's an all-or-nothing concept, so if we sell 77 by the cut-off date then the gig does not go ahead and your card does not get debited.

This is our first attempt at this, and it could really open things up for music fans countrywide to broaden the gigs available. Here's the link.

The link is to the icrowdfund website, where you can learn more about the Tavern and the Special C. (including a video of them on Music City Roots playing 'Monroe', from their Grammy-nominated album Scratch Gravel Road), and pledge support at a rate of €15 for each person who will be coming. The crucial two-week window of opportunity is now open.

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