01 October 2014

Demolition String Band in Ireland, 16-26 Oct. 2014

Elena Skye from Chicago and Boo Reiners from North Carolina make up the Demolition String Band (also on Facebook), who will be touring in Ireland - not for the first time - in the latter part of this month. Using two guitars, mandolin, banjo, and one microphone, they share a passion for country, rock ‘n' roll, bluegrass, and mountain music: their five albums (to date) include a tribute to the late Ola Belle Reed, and they are taking part in a book-and-CD project about Woody Guthrie and his twenty-seven years as a resident of New York city.

Update 8 Oct.: More details about the tour, together with a full updated schedule, are on a new post, to be published on the BIB on 9 Oct.; see above. All dates are now on the BIB calendar.

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