13 September 2014

Roni Stoneman - up to tempo as always

No one who saw or heard the legendary Roni Stoneman, 'First Lady of the Banjo', perform in Ireland last year will have forgotten the experience. A twelve-minute YouTube video, taken last month at the 2014 Old Fiddlers' Convention in Galax, VA (ancestral Stoneman territory), shows that nothing has slowed her down since then. Though it's an informal session, Roni is giving it all she's got both before and after Superglueing her picks on.

Thanks to Roni's husband Tom Connor for this pre-release flyer of her new single CD recording - a song written especially for her by Nashville songwriter Ronnie Buff. This CD will be available from Tuesday 16 Sept. 2014, and a new album is coming soon. Contact Tom by e-mail for more info on both.

The song title, 'The day the banjo dies', is ominous, but we can be sure that's not going to happen if Roni has anything to do with it.

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