21 August 2014

Programme for 6th Balla Bluegrass Festival, 24-7 Oct. 2014

Thanks to Tom Lyons (second from right in this fine photo of the Rocky Top String Band at this year's Westport Folk and Bluegrass Festival) for news of the 6th Balla Bluegrass Festival in Balla, Co. Mayo, coming two months from now, on the bank holiday weekend in late October. The venues are Mannions and the Olde Woods on Balla's main street.

Update 24 Oct.: While the Festival programme is still mainly the same as originally shown on this post, any changes up to the present are shown on the new Festival website and on the BIB post for 24 Oct.

Tom adds: 'As usual we will have a raffle over the weekend for a guitar.' More info from Chris Mannion (094 9365093) or Tom Lyons (087 2296018; 094 9365200; e-mail).

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