06 August 2014

Last of the breed needs help

Thanks again to Ray O'Brien and congratulations for scooping us on a story we've been meaning to put on the BIB for months now, since items began appearing on Bluegrass Today earlier this year.

Rebel recording artist Dave Evans is the epitome of traditional bluegrass soul, with a unique personal intensity as singer, songwriter, banjoist, and bandleader. There's a good deal of him on YouYube, and we recommend the videos to anyone who needs a tonic. Last of the breed is a documentary film on his similarly unique life, in the final stages of being made by filmmaker Matthew J. Pellowski.

On the Bluegrass Today posts, you can see fascinating trailers that reveal, from the words of fellow bluegrassers, why a film about Dave Evans needs to be made. It has been made to appropriately high standards but on the proverbial shoestring; and to meet remaining costs and make release possible before the end of this year, $20,000 needs to be pledged in the next few days on Kickstarter. Part of this sum will go directly to Dave Evans. Read more details and watch one of the trailers on Ray's own post. Further info is also here.

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