19 June 2014

More good news from Italy: Friend of a friend

Two weeks after the news from Luca Bartolini of the acoustic duo Late Night, the BIB is delighted to receive this news from another friend in Italy - Martino Coppo, mandolinist and lead singer of Red Wine (and also EBMA board member):

I'd like to ​forward you the presentation page of this new project I have released with a good friend of mine and great guitar player/ singer/ songwriter from Genova, Paolo Bonfanti, called Friend of a friend. ​It's not bluegrass 100%. but there's a lot of it, mixed with blues, original songs and tunes, a few covers​​ and even some little Irish flavour ('Matilda's dance').

We are very active promoting our CD, and if you​ hear of anyone who could be interested in a duo show ​for next fall/winter ​we'd be happy to travel to ​Ireland​!​

Friend of a friend (Felmay Fy 8213) is a fourteen-track album by Paolo Bonfanti (vocals, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, National guitar, percussion) and Martino Coppo (vocals, mandolin, octave mandolin, acoustic guitar), with Lucas Bellotti (electric bass), Roberto Bongianino (accordeon), and Alessandro Pelle (percussion). Previews of all tracks can be heard on iTunes, where it can be bought as a download together with digital booklet.

We particularly recommend going to the presentation page Martino mentions - a very neat piece of work with full bio details; photos; links to websites, YouTube, and Facebook; reviews; tour schedule; and press kit. Martino can be contacted by e-mail.

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