25 May 2014

The Moron Brothers - the genuine article

We're glad to hear from Scott 'Bama' Moore, friend and publicist for the Moron Brothers of central Kentucky, who would be happy to play in Ireland. Promoters, event organisers, and others who can offer bookings for them can e-mail Scott, who sends this bio information:

Lardo (Mike Carr) and Burley (Mike Hammond), the Moron Brothers, are certified originals. They were 'branded' before there were brands. These comedians/ musicians/ goodwill ambassadors are part of the landscape from which they sprang. Lardo lives on the Kentucky River; Burley, in the nearby town of Nicholasville, Kentucky. Their spirits have been formed through life on the river, where Lardo maintains a genuine shantyboat; and in small towns filled with friendly, nurturing neighbors.

These 'brothers' are talented, accomplished, and respected bluegrass musicians, singing their own songs and those of their ancestors and keeping history as alive as yesterday. They write 60 per cent of their own funny and imaginative material. Their music takes them to 60-90 events and bluegrass festivals each year, including their own, where they pick and sing for delighted fans.

Lardo and Burley have classic comedic timing and two distinctive performing styles. Lardo is much more outgoing and verbal. He sucks the air out of a room before filling it with humor and song. Burley is non-verbal - and some of our most powerful communication doesn't need words. ('Burley ain't dead, he just don’t talk much.') The two are drawn together by friendship, companionship, and a natural rapport; like all the great performing teams, they draw on each other’s strengths to become more than the sum of their parts.

Scott adds:

Here is what we are hoping our friends in Ireland will do:

- Join our Facebook page;
- help us get on bluegrass radio in Ireland! We don't know who to contact about it.

Many videos of the Brothers are on YouTube; Scott sends the following selection of links, which fully back up what he says about their abilities:

'The Moron Brothers' [showing the 'shantyboat']

'Electric fence' (song)

'Uncle Ben' (song and jokes)

'Meet the Moron Brothers' (clip from one of the Brothers' DVDs)

A 'teaser' from their DVD 'Almost alive'

'Poison ivy' (song)

'Hoss Walker' (song; cut from their brand new DVD)

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At 2:21 am, Blogger Murray said...

Would love them to come to New Zealand. They would fit in perfectly here


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