18 May 2014

Helping festivals to survive and thrive

The BIB editor writes:

A couple of e-newsletters of special interest to event organisers (and indeed to anyone concerned with the survival of bluegrass events) appeared in our e-mail inbox recently. One is the weekly editorial by Brian McNeal of the Prescription Bluegrass Blog, 'The festival experience - the good, bad, and the ugly! Reader survey results'. As well as Brian's own judgment, this shows viewpoints from all parties involved: promoters, bands, merchandisers, and audience.

Fitting in nicely with this is a quotation from the latest bulletin from James Reams & the Barnstormers:

A friend of mine recently commented that bluegrass festivals are like the stealth bombers of the music world. They sneak into town and out again before anybody knows they’ve been there. Most promoters just don’t have the budget or the time to cover all the bases. The next time a bluegrass festival is in your area, help get the word out. Pass out flyers and posters wherever you go (make ‘em and/or print ‘em off the website). Call your local radio stations and ask about the festival. If they don’t know about it, tell ‘em! Talk up the festival to waitresses, hairdressers, barbers, teachers, grocery store and hotel clerks, even send a letter to the editor of your local paper.

There's a great deal more of valuable material in the band's newsletter, including plenty of other topics besides this one.

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