30 May 2014

A treat

The latest e-newsletter from Laurie Lewis includes the news that she and Kathy Kallick will soon be releasing a new CD - an eighteen-song collection from the repertoires of Vern Williams and Ray Park, the Arkansas-born fathers of hard-core traditional bluegrass in California. Go to Laurie's newsletter for a link to a page of biographical information on Vern and Ray.

Do not miss this YouTube video, nicely filmed at an open-air festival performance in 2009, with Laurie (fiddle), Kathy (guitar), Tom Rozum (mandolin), Dan Booth (bass), and Patrick Sauber (banjo), playing the Ray Park song 'How many times'. A very nice video of a very interactive band on stage; among its many delights is the glorious tone of the banjo. If you want more of the same, Sauber also plays a choice break on the Bill Monroe song 'In despair'.

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