23 April 2014

Wookalily's debut album gets a Kickstart

Thanks to Wookalily, the 'female-led Americana folk band' based in Portadown, for their latest e-newsletter. Their twelve-track debut album, bringing together past and present members of the band as well as guest vocalists, is being recorded at Millbank Studios in Lisburn, Co. Antrim, engineered by Michael Mormecha. The Wooks write:

Years of playing, writing, laughing, and performing all coming together to create an unique and eclectic album... It's a celebration of the life and times of Wookalily. It's been a great experience to make this music and we hope you all get to enjoy it as well.

The main hurdle left to overcome is funding to complete and launch the project; and Wookalily are adopting the increasing popular resort of Kickstarter to reach the required £3,000. You can help the project by pledging a contribution here.

Wookalily also launched earlier this month their residency in the John Hewitt Bar, Belfast:

We have various opening acts on from 9.30 p.m. and we take to the stage from 10.00 p.m., finishing up around 11.30 p.m. It would lovely to see you there some Friday night. We have some more exciting gigs coming up throughout the year.

The full e-newsletter, with nice artwork and a link to Wookalily's gig calendar, can be seen here.

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