21 April 2014

Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards (USA) available for bookings in May 2015

Apologies to Laura Cortese (left) for not yet having an up-to-date photo of her - this is one the BIB used in 2009 when she was performing at the Baltimore Fiddle Fair for that year. Apart from her established solo career, she had then just come from playing bass for Uncle Earl. Loudon Temple of the UK Brookfield Knights agency now announces that Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards will be touring the UK and Ireland a year from now: from 12 to 24 May 2015.

Her latest album, Into the dark, won enthusiastic critical acclaim and a lot of airplay. The lineup for next year's tour will be the same as that for a recent US State Department cultural tour of the Far East: Laura (voice, fiddle, viola), Mariel Vandersteel (voice, fiddle, Hardanger fiddle), and Valerie Thompson (voice, cello). All the members have a wide range of musical experience; the trio can be seen in performance on YouTube here and here.

Event organisers and venue owners who can offer a booking in that period of May 2015 should contact Brookfield Knights and indicate which dates might be preferred.

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