24 April 2014

Bill's instruments and sound gear - this time, with pictures

On 11 April the BIB published details of instruments and sound equipment being sold by Bill Whelan, doyen of old-time music in Ireland. Now, thanks to Alice Toner (without whom the BIB would not have begun) we can reproduce the photos supplied by Eamonn Quigley. Here again are the details of each item. Please note the prices given, as no offers will be accepted.

Nechville Midnight Phantom Heli-Mount banjo. Maker's specifications and list price can be seen here. Bill's instrument has a black head fitted, and no resonator (see detail shot, bottom right). €1,500.

Harley Benton BeatBass (fiddle-shape electric bass, resembling Paul McCartney's Höfner). Never used. €100.

Yamaha single-speaker 250-watt portable PA system, Stagepass 250m model. Six-channel mixer. Unused. €200.

T.Mix PM600 six-channel mixer amplifier block with digital effector. Unused. €120.

Contact Bill by mobile (086 2435231) or e-mail.

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