18 April 2014

A respected Bluegrass business

The BIB editor writes:

Every now and then I Google the words 'Bluegrass Ireland'. There's a paranoid element in this: I'm making sure that the World Wide Web has not forgotten about the Bluegrass Ireland Blog. The search was made this morning. There was the BIB, of course, it hadn't vanished in the night; there too were Ray O'Brien's 'Bluegrass in Ireland' Facebook page and Kevin Gill's original 'Bluegrass in Ireland' website.

But just a little further down the list of search results is the website for Bluegrass Horse Feeds, a milling and animal-feed company established by A. N. Irwin & Sons in 1847, based in Co. Tyrone, and respected in its field throughout these islands.

I'm certain that Bill Monroe, the Father of Bluegrass, would have been interested; and that so would prominent horse-loving bluegrass musicians still with us, such as Ron Thomason of Dry Branch Fire Squad or Laurie Lewis. Moreover, the firm's merchandise includes a nifty baseball cap with a Bluegrass Horse Feeds logo for just £9.99.

Could there possibly be here a point of contact - even potential reciprocal benefits - for the bluegrass community and the animal-feeds industry? In putting this forward, I apologise to anyone, especially in Co. Tyrone, who has already made this connection for themselves; more especially if they've been walking round the annual Appalachian & Bluegrass Music Festival at Omagh with their Bluegrass Horse Feeds caps on, and I haven't noticed.

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