02 March 2014

We Dig Roots! - a major new resource

Thanks to Eamonn Doyle for this news, which should receive the attention of everybody involved with bluegrass and old-time music over here:

I am involved in a new start-up business called We Dig Roots!, which is primarily a booking agency for all types of roots music in Ireland, but our website and Facebook page also exist as information resources for the entire roots music scene in Ireland.

We want to feature news about events, venues, album releases, etc., on the website
[...]. I am also trying to create a complete calendar of roots events in Ireland across the year.

Artists and bands already enrolled with We Dig Roots! include Niall Toner, the Down and Out Bluegrass Band, and Rackhouse Pilfer. As can be seen from these examples, a WDR page can be customised completely to the subject's own design in any combination of pictures, images, text, embedded YouTube videos, and links to other URLs including the artist's own website and/or Facebook, together with an e-mail contact channel.

As can also be seen, We Dig Roots! has a strong stable of bands, in many genres of roots music, eager to reach more audiences. Now for the serious business of building up venue networks to bring musicians and audiences together...

The BIB wishes We Dig Roots! every success in this enterprise.

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