13 March 2014

The Special C. talk about their new album

Preorder Special Consensus' Country Boy: A                                                            Bluegrass                                                            Tribute to                                                            John Denver                                                            for $11.99.                                                            Preorders will                                                            receive their                                                            copy signed +                                                            a free ipick                                                            sticker. + All                                                            Special C                                                            titles are                                                            $11.99. +Watch                                                            the video for                                                            Wild Montana                                                            SkiesAs mentioned on the BIB on St Valentine's Day, the next Compass Records album by the Special Consensus (USA) is a tribute to the late John Denver, in which the band are joined by friends from the top ranks of bluegrass music.

On this coming St Patrick's weekend, the Special C. begin touring in support of the album, which is scheduled for release on 25 Mar. Bluegrass Today carries a new feature on the making of the album by John Lawless, including a video with plenty of music and all the band members talking about what it has meant to them.

The Special C. have toured regularly in Ireland since 1995 (most recently in January 2013), so their many friends and fans over here should enjoy the feature. The video can also be seen on YouTube.

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