01 March 2014

Spring Fed Records - new additions

The BIB editor reports:

Thanks to Jack Brunson of Spring Fed Records for the latest news of the label's growing catalogue of classic old-time and bluegrass music.

Spring Fed Records, founded in 2002 as the in-house label of the Arts Center of Cannon County in central Tennessee, is a Grammy-winning, non-profit record label that focuses mainly on historical music from the American south-east, and particularly on folk and bluegrass. Previous major releases have included recordings by Uncle Dave Macon (left above) and Howdy Forrester (right).

Jack reports that he has just uploaded to the label's BandCamp site digital versions of ten old-timey records previously unavailable online, which are now available for free streaming or digital download for $9.99. Originally released on the Davis Unlimited label, they include such influential musicians as Sam McGee, Clayton McMichen, and Fiddlin’ Doc Roberts.

A personal note: I bought two of these albums on LP back in the 1970s - those by W.L. Gregory & Clyde Davenport and the Perry County Music Makers - on the strength of the high praise they'd received from Bluegrass Unlimited reviewers, and they were no disappointment.

You can also sample Spring Fed releases through their affordable 'Cream of the Crop' compilation series - each volume gives over twenty-five tracks for five dollars. See more details of Volume I and Volume II. Spring Fed can also be visited on Facebook.

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