06 March 2014

Old-time workshop news

Ireland has a small but dedicated autoharpist community, so here's some news from the FOAOTMAD news blog:

Autoharps – Do you have an autoharp tucked away? Have you ever fancied playing one? Or do you need some expert tuition? UK Autoharps is running a full day of workshops at Tirlebrook Primary School, Tewkesbury GL20 8EW, on Saturday 22 March from 10.30 a.m.

Tutors include Mike Fenton and Heather Farrell-Roberts. Cost is £10 for half a day, £20 full day, including free autoharp loan if required. To book a place visit the UK Autoharps website or e-mail.

Kate Lissauer reports on this year's old-time music workshop week (10-17 May) in her successful 'La Fuente de Musica' series in Andalusia, Spain:

The deadline for enrolment in this workshop holiday week is 12 March. I have not had enough enrolment to make the week happen, and I need to let teachers and workers know if it is on, as they have been holding the dates, waiting to make their plans. So, if you suddenly realise that you simply must come, let me know by then!

Contact Kate by e-mail.

The current issue (vol. xiii, no. 8) of The Old-Time Herald magazine includes a fourteen-page list of old-time music festivals and workshops during 2014. Most of these, naturally, are in the USA; but at the end there are nine entries for Canada, two for Australia, five for England, one for Germany, and one for Ireland - the Concertina Cruinnin at Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare, which was held in mid February. We'd be glad to hear if there was an old-time presence there.

The 'Letters' section of the issue also contains a long letter by David Prat Duran on the old-time scene in and around Barcelona, and the Herald asks its readers:

Do you live and play old-time music outside the United States? Write and tell us about your old-time scene!

There's an opportunity for someone...

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