20 March 2014

Long time... Seldom Scene on Smithsonian Folkways: update

Thanks to Smithsonian Folkways for news of the new album Long timeā€¦ Seldom Scene by the legendary Seldom Scene. Their first album on the label, and their first studio album since the Grammy-nominated Scenechronized (2006), it features special guests Tom Gray, John Starling, Emmylou Harris, Chris Eldridge, and Rickie Simpkins.

This audio link includes 'Through the bottom of the glass', which made no. 2 in Bluegrass Today's list of classic bluegrass drinking songs, and 'Wait a minute' (featuring John Starling), very popular with bluegrass bands in Britain.

You can also see videos of the Scene playing 'Through the bottom of the glass' and 'Big train from Memphis'. The way Dudley Connell and Lou Reid lean their voices against each other is good to watch. An official Smithsonian Folkways press release on the album is here.

Update 20 Mar.: Thanks to Blair Bainbridge of Smithsonian Folkways for this link to a fine video of the present-day Scene in the studio, recording 'Wait a minute', together with reminiscences by founder members about the band's original recording (for the 1973 album Old train) and comments by Chris Eldridge of the Punch Brothers.

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