27 January 2014

Sacred Harp news: updated

Thanks to the FOAOTMAD weekly news blog for the news that the 19th Annual United Kingdom Sacred Harp Convention will be held on the weekend Fri. 19th-Sun. 21st Sept. 2014 at Lomas Hall, Stannington, South Yorkshire, England. Registration is now open on the Convention website, and among other options there is the possibility of staying with local singers.

Meanwhile, on this side of St George's Channel, the Sacred Harp Singers of Cork now have their own YouTube channel, with (at present) 216 videos on it.

Update 28 Jan: The Sacred Harp Singers of Dublin announce:

Please join us for some singing this Saturday (1 Feb.) afternoon from 12.00-4.00 to celebrate our second birthday. We will be singing in the Franciscan Friary in a new room, which is accessible from Cook St., number 80.

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