13 January 2014

Ireland in BU for Jan. 2014

The January 2014 issue of Bluegrass Unlimited magazine contains the annual guide to festivals of bluegrass and related music all over the world, with several hundred events listed; and as usual Ireland has not scored badly among countries outside North America, coming second (with four festivals) after England (with six).

Be warned - the BU list includes only those events whose organisers bothered to send in an entry, so the showing for countries outside North America bears very little relation to reality. For instance, none are listed for the Czech and Slovak republics, which between them probably hold more bluegrass festivals than all the rest of Europe put together. But in any international context, it's good to see the scene here coming off well...

In addition, Shannon W. Turner contributes to this issue an article on Music City Roots, the concert series in Nashville, TN, hosted by Jim Lauderdale, who will be in Ireland at the end of February for the 10th Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival - and he may not be alone. The article quotes the series producer, John Walker, as saying: 'We're going out to film a Music City Roots show in Ireland in March...' More information on that, if and when we get it.

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