30 January 2014

FOAOTMAD old-time festival, 14-16 Feb. 2014

The Friends Of American Old Time Music And Dance (FOAOTMAD) will be holding their 20th annual Old Time Festival at Queen Elizabeth’s High School, Morton Terrace, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire DN21 2ST, England, on 14-16 February. Full details of the lineup are shown on the poster (left) and the FOAOTMAD website.

E-tickets for the Gainsborough Festival can be bought through the FOAOTMAD website using Paypal. Pre-booking is advisable; payment can also be made by post, with stamped addressed envelope. FOAOTMAD's weekly news blog announces this week:

Deadlines for postal and e-tickets for Gainsborough – By mail to be received by Monday 10 Feb. and via the website by late afternoon on Wednesday 12 Feb. Otherwise you take your chances…

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