22 November 2013

Managing music media

Thanks to Brian McNeal of the Prescription Bluegrass Blog (USA), who draws our attention to an Irish connection in a detail of a post that appeared today (22 Nov.) on the PBB. The story, by W.J. Hallock,  celebrates Martha E. Moore (left) who, in twenty-five years as head of so much MOORE media, has made it one of the most respected music PR firms in Nashville. Brian writes:

It's a small spot in the post but it was something I didn't know and I thought there may be some readers in Ireland who remember the situation.

There certainly are - well, at least three! In the penultimate paragraph, after mentioning that so much MOORE media has developed its contacts with media outside the USA, W.J. Hallock writes:

At one time, Martha wrote a popular music column, 'Roots, Boots & "Billy"' for Ireland’s Country Music Plus magazine. Being able successfully to tap into the overseas market can do wonders for a musician’s career, and Martha brings years of experience in that area to her clients.

Others who wrote for Cormac Belton's Country Music Plus included Ronnie Norton, Niall Toner, and the BIB editor. Happy days! Read the whole PBB story here. And on the subject of music media, check out the Niall Toner website, which has had a complete makeover.

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