25 November 2013

Detached notes

Thanks to Sean McManus, Ireland's #1 bluegrass supporter, for the news that the splendid High Plains Tradition (USA) are scheduled to play the Pillo Hotel, in Ashbourne, Co. Meath, on Thursday 16 Jan 2014 - the first venue of their forthcoming Irish tour.

The date has been added to the BIB calendar. Sean promises more details later; and an updated schedule for the whole tour will be published shortly, with full details from the tour organiser, the indefatigable John Nyhan.

The FOAOTMAD news blog reports that Tim Rogers in Westport, Co. Mayo (recently voted Ireland's most desirable place to live), is with regret selling his Dave Stacey 'Sodbuster' banjo, at a price of €800 (approx. £670) for a first-class, optimised-for-clawhammer banjo by a premier maker. Photos can be seen here, and Tim can be contacted by e-mail.

Flatpicking guitar wizard, master instructor, and multi-instrumentalist Steve Kaufman (USA) sends good wishes for the holiday season, and a reminder of his cornucopia-like online store and downloadable/always current catalogue.

Thanks to Good Home Grown Music for a reminder that 1 December will be the forty-seventh anniversary of the death of Carter Stanley, shown in the photo with his brother Ralph at the height of their career as the Stanley Brothers.

Good Home Grown Music (Tom T. and Dixie Hall, whose composition 'I wish that I could have met Carter' is doing very well with a lot of bands) propose that 1 December be celebrated as a day of musical tribute to the Stanleys.

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