06 November 2013

Detached notes

Danny Paisley & the Southern Grass at Omagh 2008 (photo: Norman and Heather Brown)

John Lawless reported two days ago on Bluegrass Today that Danny Paisley has recently suffered two heart attacks. After being treated in hospital, he is resting at home, and has had to suspend his performance schedule pending medical decisions on further treatment.

While more news is awaited, the BIB sends all good wishes for his complete recovery - on behalf of those in Ireland who love traditional bluegrass as delivered, with unique power, by Danny and the Southern Grass.

A complete schedule of events for the Ireland Immersion Weekend (15-17 Nov.) in Brentwood, TN, is now available (see the BIB for 25 October for the advance release on the Weekend).

As well as a performance of 'The mockingbird sings' (a musical drama centred on the Bristol Sessions of 1927), attenders will be able to take part in traditional Irish whiskey tasting, eat bacon and cabbage, go to traditional seisiúns and workshops in flute, tin whistle, East-Galway-style fiddle, uilleann pipes, bouzouki, sean-nós dancing and singing, Gaelic speaking, and hurling demonstrations, ride on donkey carts and Conamara ponies, and much more.

The weekend offers every opportunity of being surrounded by Ireland, while still in Tennessee. The BIB wonders: is anyone offering a mirror-image experience, for the benefit of those in Ireland who'd like to feel they're in the catchment area of the Bristol Sessions?

The schedule of coming events up to 17 Nov. at the Seamus Ennis Cultural Centre, Nual, Co. Dublin, can be seen here, including the show by Southern Tenant Folk Union (GB) this coming Saturday, 9 Nov.

Chris Thile's tour of Europe got off to a good start in Dublin last night with an outstanding solo performance, to which the audience responded with at least three standing ovations.

Ray O'Brien's Bluegrass in Ireland carries a message from Jan Brtník. Jan is an upright-bass player in classical, bluegrass, folk, jazz, and other music, who has recently moved from Cork to Dublin and is looking for a jam session or a band to join. Please form an orderly queue...

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