06 October 2013

Set of picks found at Bruff: owner identified!

The BIB editor reports:

Last night (Sat. 5 Oct.) at the end of the show in Clancy's Bar, Bruff, Co. Limerick, during the second night of the 5th Bruff Bluegrass Festival, my colleagues in Woodbine found a set of picks on a windowsill where we had been playing, and told me, thinking I had left them.

However, I'm currently using a Perfect Touch thumbpick, and the well-worn picks that were found include a metal thumbpick, probably of the Jim Dunlop type shown in the photo. The last person I saw using such a thumbpick was Josh McMurray of the duo Down the Road (USA), who have been touring in Ireland this past week. Whoever these picks belong to, they have been left for safe keeping with the members of the Down and Out Bluegrass Band.

Update: the owner has been identified as Luke Coffey of Well Enough Alone (below, l-r: Martin McWhorter, Luke, Hugh Taggart, in action at Derry's in Bruff on Friday night; photo by Des Butler), thanks to correspondence on Ray O'Brien's 'Bluegrass in Ireland' Facebook page.

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