17 October 2013

Guest review: Greg Deering Signature banjo bridge

Thanks to Dublin banjoist Conor Daly, who writes:

I just got this bridge this morning and thought I'd write up a review. I sold my Stelling a few weeks ago and have been fixing up a Deering Goodtime Special that I've had lying around. Still not particularly happy with the sound, I decided to order this Greg Deering Signature bridge which is available from Eagle Music in the UK.

I don't think I've ever come across such a great-sounding bridge before. He uses only the densest maple to craft these ebony-topped bridges. The sound can only be described as full, powerful, and punchy but not overly so. There is enough sweetness amongst the overall sound to make it pleasant to listen to for even the most discerning ears. As someone who obsesses over good banjo setup, this has really brought it alive and is one of a number of high-quality bridges being marketed at the moment that can really bring out the full potential of virtually any banjo.

I've tried a few down through the years and this one really stands out. At £30 a go they are not cheap but worth every penny. If your banjo is suffering from a distinct lack of tone, volume, and overall gutsiness, this could be just what it needs.

The picture shows the bridge as it appears on the Eagle online catalogue, which offers it in 5/8" height; it is also made in 11/16".

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