03 September 2013

News digest #32: update

Events this month [This section, as originally published, has become so thoroughly obsolete in the course of seven days that it has been scrapped so as not to mislead readers. Please refer direct to the BIB calendar, pending the issue of a new extract. BIB editor, 10.9.13]

Other news

The schedule of events at the Seamus Ennis Cultural Centre, Naul, Co. Dublin, updated to 4 Oct. 2013, can be seen here. Of particular interest to BIB readers is the show by Session Americana on 27 Sept. Details of events already scheduled for later dates can be seen on the website of the Centre, 'Ireland's biggest little venue'.


Loudon Temple of the UK Brookfield Knights agency writes on the outstanding neo-old-time duo:

Hi, folks - we are delighted to announce that Cahalen Morrison & Eli West will be returning for a string of dates in the UK and Ireland in the period 1-18 May next year. It would be appreciated if those who have previously expressed interest would please let us know what dates they might have in that period; and anyone else who would like to include them in programming, please confirm what dates might be available.

Contact Brookfield Knights by e-mail.

Vincent Cross, New York representative of the Irish bluegrass diaspora, is now on Facebook.

For all admirers of Ireland's premier neo-old-time band: a couple of weeks ago the US news/features blog The Bluegrass Situation published a substantial feature about I Draw Slow by Andrew Iden, entitled 'I Draw Slow: an Irish bluegrass band strikes a chord in America'. Read the whole feature here.

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