27 September 2013

IBMA awards 2013 and 1990; and the 'Miracle of Raleigh'

The IBMA website was inaccessible for some time last night, presumably because of the number of people wanting to know the results of the Awards Show in Raleigh, NC. You can now find a list of the award recipients in a feature by Richard Thompson on Bluegrass Today. Several names on the list, and the faces that go with them, will be familiar to audiences in Ireland, and fans of the Gibson Brothers should be particularly happy.

Related posts on Bluegrass Today include another by Richard Thompson, on the first IBMA awards show (1990), including an added treat - a video of a performance by Alison Brown (banjo, harmony vocal), Alison Krauss (mandolin, lead vocal), Andrea Zonn (fiddle, harmony vocal), Lynn Morris (guitar) and Missy Raines (bass). And all admirers of Tony Rice should read this post by Dave Morris.

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