28 August 2013

One For The Road

Thanks to Patrick Simpson, who sends:

Just a brief note to let all our Bluegrass Ireland readers know of one of the reasons I just love music and bluegrass... A great and perfect product of this bluegrass community since I can think to remember, Luke Coffey [above] of County Cavan. I have watched and heard many bluegrassers in my life, such as Robbie McCoury and Steve Sparkman, etc., and as the passing of one of our dearest and finest pickers Vinnie Baker goes forth, whom I do so fondly remember from Mohill, Dublin, Athy, and Dunmore East bluegrass festivals, God rest his soul, whom I have found billed with me sometimes at the same time here in Ireland.

'Lucás' Coffey as I call him, possesses some of the greatest and most essential ingredients or components needed for such a small handful of singers, songwriters, players found here or abroad. Clandestine, graceful, and pleasant banjo player, he is now playing with either Tom Hanway or Well Enough Alone, and with his friend Niall Hughes making this combo One For The Road a strong performance. Niall, yet another extremely humble and talented banjo player and singer in his own right from here, or in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, as you may know is a tour de force in passion and talent, singing, and professionalism on 5-string banjo, guitar, and double bass.

Both Luke Coffey and Niall Hughes in bluegrass jam sessions are seldom apart and are dearly loved by the Dublin Bluegrass Collective of musicians, bluegrass lovers, family, and fans of bluegrass music of Ireland, and we hope to see them achieve a higher standard of greatness for things to come.

God bless you Vinnie Baker, may the force be with you! Here for you we have John Denby (mandolin), Aran Sheehan, Luke Coffey, myself, Niall Hughes with legendary Hugh D. Taggart thanks to our performance at Knockanstockan, Co. Wicklow, July 2013.


Patrick Simpson

The link Patrick sends is to a 43-minute YouTube feature, 'Bluegrass Music Live From Ireland', with the group's full set on audio, capped with Patrick's artwork for the visual. Solid stuff!

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