03 July 2013

Quote of the year (or possibly century) + comment

[...] It gave me a very clear idea of how to hire anyone for any job. Just ask one question at the interview: 'Do you pick bluegrass?' [...] Anyone who has picked with a band for more than a year should qualify for most jobs, and anyone with five or more years of picking bluegrass should qualify for any job.

Brian McNeal, editor of the Prescription Bluegrass Blog, in his newsletter issued today. See Brian's comment on this post, below, for a link which shows the full reasons why playing in a band develops essential skills - and very convincing they are, too.



At 12:09 am, Blogger Prescription Bluegrass Blog said...

Thanks for the exalted attribution. You do me honors!

However, since the editorials we feature on the newsletter do not always cross-pollinate over to our news blog, here is a link to the full text of that concept.



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