06 April 2013

The Boyne Hunt set... and more

Thanks to Jonathan Toman of Cat Malojian, Carmel Sheerin & the Ravens, and Northern Exposure, who writes:

 I've been working with my good friend and fantastic fiddler Brendan Hendry on some Irish material for an album we are currently making... thought ya might like a wee look at a recent video we completed.

The video, on YouTube, shows Brendan (fiddle) and Jonathan (5-string banjo) playing the Boyne Hunt set (a hornpipe and two reels) in Patsy Toman's cottage in Co. Armagh. It is beautifully filmed, with close-ups of Jonathan's playing, which as with his previous work sets a very high standard in playing Irish music on the 5-string. You can contact Brendan through his website and Jonathan by e-mail.

This should come to the attention of the news medium for 5-string players, Banjo NewsLetter. BNL, which has existed as a print magazine for nearly forty years and will continue to do so, is also developing its web presence into an online edition. Full details can be read on Bluegrass Today.

For everyone who enjoyed seeing and hearing Don Rigsby & Midnight Call at the Omagh festival last September: they can be seen again on Bluegrass on the Tube. Moreover this video, and many others shot at recent bluegrass events in Ireland, can be seen on The Big Thicket's YouTube channel, comprising 123 videos at present.

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