28 April 2013

Detached notes

Thanks to Ray O'Brien's Bluegrass Ireland Facebook for the news that the Weigh Inn Bar at Omagh, Co. Tyrone, will be glad to hear from any band whose tour includes the north of Ireland, and who are looking for a Tuesday night gig. The Weigh Inn runs a Tuesday Night Music Club, and has a few free Tuesday nights during the summer months. You can contact the Weigh Inn by e-mail.

The Daily Telegraph (UK) issue of 26 April includes a large feature by Rob Hughes on the latest project by Steve Martin - Love has come for you, to be released tomorrow (Monday 29 April) by Rounder Records. Martin, who shares the singing and songwriting with Edie Brickell, says: 'I feel like these are the banjo songs I've always been waiting to write.' The accompanying photo (unfortunately cropped in the online version) shows the Deering which is now his main onstage banjo. Read the whole article here.

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