02 March 2013

Old-time music commemorates a Donegal hero of Gettysburg

Old-time banjoist and singer Alec Somerville will be taking part in 'The emigrant's wake' in Donegal castle, Donegal town, on 13 March 2013. The event, which has been previously staged there, is a concert commemorating James McKay Rorty (1837-63) from the town, killed in command of a Union artillery unit at the battle of Gettysburg. Alec says:

It's a sort of sound-and-light, speech-and-song thingy, it is very enjoyable, and my part was/is to sing four songs, which will be 'Hard times', 'Hill of Shiloh'; 'Rebel soldier-boy', and 'James Rorty's lament'. The last two are my own work. So - US civil war stuff, bummer cap and all...

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