24 February 2013

Bluegrass in Ireland on Facebook

This news is special enough to warrant a post all to itself. Ray O'Brien of Waterford has set up a new Facebook page, 'Bluegrass in Ireland'. Launched just this morning, it's already off to a vigorous start with messages from the bluegrass community, links, video material, and the promise of more to come - including a calendar. Ray says:

If you would like me to add an event to the calendar email me and I will be happy to create an event for you on the page. I will need the below info from you.

Band details
Tickets - prices and where they can be bought

The BIB extends the warmest possible welcome to 'Bluegrass in Ireland' and encourages everyone with an interest in bluegrass in Ireland to make full use of it. Thanks, Ray!

Update 5 Oct. 2016: After Ray had run 'Bluegrass in Ireland' for a year in very close cooperation with the BIB, pressure of other commitments obliged him to withdraw from it in 2014. It was then taken over by Wendy Connolly from the USA, living in Co. Wexford, and now ploughs a separate furrow.

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