27 February 2013

Blackberry Winter for Europe - this year or next?

Blackberry Winter (above), from the Missouri Ozarks, are interested in touring the UK and Ireland, possibly Europe, this year or next. Their music, which fits in the Americana/bluegrass/old-time categories, with especially powerful and sensitive vocals, can be heard on the soundtrack of the critically acclaimed film Winter’s bone (2010), which was nominated for four Oscars.

They can be seen in performance, or heard from the film soundtrack, on YouTube, here, here, here, and here. The band, who are also on Facebook, can be contacted through their road manager Sarah Denton of Juneapple Records, by e-mail.

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At 7:35 pm, Blogger Milseain In Ireland said...

Richard, it was a great pleasure meeting you and Carol on the train to Westport today. Hopefully, we'll get to see you play this weekend at the bg festival. Check out my blog - www.milseaininireland.blogspot.com. Meeting y'all today is another stroke of magic serendipity!
Tom & Candee


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