17 January 2013

Tribute where tribute is due

For anyone who wonders why a notable upsurge in the playing of old-time string-band music came in the 1970s, an answer is in the latest FOAOTMAD news bulletin. On today's issue you can watch a video of Touched with fire: the Highwoods String Band story official trailer (also on YouTube here and here).

Over eight minutes long, this trailer for the forthcoming documentary by Horse Archer Productions, makers of Why old time? and The Henry Reed legacy (both 2009), reveals - in present-day interviews and, even more powerfully, in black-and-white footage from forty years ago - exactly why Walt Koken and Bob Potts (fiddles), Mac Benford (banjo), Doug Dorschug (guitar), and Jenny Cleland (bass) were the right band at the right time. And what a time it was! The film (in which FOAOTMAD's own Nick Pilley appears) can be pre-ordered here.

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