13 December 2012

Top-class clawhammer banjo for sale

The BIB has been carrying a lot about excellent banjos recently; but this news differs from our posts about the Deering Sierra at Dangem and the Recording King RK-Elite-75, in that it's about a clawhammer banjo of equal distinction.

Following from our news of 14 Nov., Tim Rogers, leader of the Clew Bay Critters, has finally decided to sell his Dave Stacey 'Sodbuster' banjo, and has put it on the Done Deal website here. Don't rely on this photo; there are seven other clear close-up photos on Done Deal. This is a unique instrument, as Tim points out:

Beautiful custom open-back 5-string banjo handcrafted by renowned UK maker Dave Stacey. The 'Sodbuster' model is specifically designed for clawhammer-style players and is ideal for the job. It has just the right combination of plunk and zing. This is an unusual 'Sodbuster', in that it has a deeper pot and a brass rod tone ring. Beautiful maple neck and pot. A great little banjo. Sale is for financial reasons only.

Tim's contact data are on the Done Deal page.

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