11 December 2012

Open House Winter Weekend, 31 Jan.-3 Feb. 2013

Thanks to Kieran Gilmore and the Open House Festival team in Belfast for news of this new event combining Irish and American music in the manner pioneered by the Johnny Keenan Banjo Festival. Kieran says:

I'm not sure whether I'd call this a festival announcement but I am certainly at ease calling it a weekender, or a gathering. Whatever the name of the event, it's the content that really matters. And in this case, it's the very best (and what inspires us) in American folk & traditional Irish music - laced with that cutting edge, DIY spirit that makes it so Open House.

We hope the weekender has got it all: fully seated concerts, hillbilly hoedown, free gigs on both Friday and Saturday nights, a sessions trail, old-time pub jams, a trip to Bangor, and even a 40th birthday bash! (no, not mine but our trusted trustee chairperson, Craig Walker). The only thing we are missing is face painting...

Read the full details on the Open House e-newsletter.

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