01 December 2012

Nechville Gift Guide

Thanks to Tom Nechville of Nechville Musical Products for this news from the uniquely innovatory banjo company:

Your best banjo buy begins at Nechville. Whether it's an exactly engineered Enterprise bridge, a classy Comfort-bevel armrest, cool custom created head, perfect pocket pick case, Titanium timb-r-tronic tone ring, delightful Dogwood Design strap, affordable flux-fixed Flextone neck, or the holy height of wholesome harmonic high-tech happiness: the Heli-mount banjo, we are ready to serve you. Call me or Al for all your banjo needs. Today! Have a great holiday season.

Contact Tom by 'phone (+1 (612)275-6602) or e-mail. European dealers for Nechville products are the Eagle Music Shop in England and Banjoree in Hamburg.

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