14 December 2012

Fun on YouTube

The BIB's hero among the BGB, banjo-picker Wild Woolly Bunton

It's nearly two-and-a-half years since we heard from the Bluegrass Babies, so thanks to Caroline Roberts for the news that they're back; and (like many other bluegrass recording artists) they have made a seasonal video. You can see their arrangement of 'Jingle bells' on YouTube here.

It's a real pleasure to see Wild Woolly Bunton and his banjo again in the front row; he's not required to play much lead, but his intros are crisp and authoritative, and he seems as happy as the rest of the ensemble.

West Virginia, the Mountain State, has an important place in mountain music, and 'Gilligans Appalachia', an informal look at the state's history and character, can be seen here - one of the 485 videos on the West Virginia Public TV YouTube Channel. Not a lot of music, but worth watching nonetheless.

And if, like the BIB editor, you had hoped to go to this year's Appalachian String Band Music Festival at Clifftop, WV, and didn't make it, here's a bittersweet pleasure: fifteen minutes of some of the best of what we missed.

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