03 December 2012

CDs by Irish bluegrass bands - where to get them?

In a comment on our recent post about John Denby becoming a member of the Down and Out Bluegrass Band, Raina asks:

Does anyone know where you can get an Irish bluegrass band CD? I'm in Galway and it's unbelievable that none of the shops here have any!

The best course, we suggest, is to get CDs from the bands themselves - either at a live show (where you'll know whether you want that band's music) or by contacting a band through their website or Facebook. They'll either be able to send you a CD, or will have some idea of its distribution to stores.

And here's some useful advice from Niall Toner:

I would hate to pass up on an opportunity to sell a CD! My current US release, Onwards and upwards, containing ten original songs and one original instrumental, is being distributed by Claddagh Records in Dublin to all record shops in Ireland. If a customer asks in their local record store, they can have their chosen CD within three working days. Claddagh also sell my albums from their website, and I sell signed copies from mine. It's also available to download from iTunes. Claddagh also stock albums from the Lee Valley String Band, Chris Twomey, Bending the Strings, Tin Box Company, Northern Exposure, and many others.

BIB editor's note: See also the comment on this post, below.

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At 5:34 pm, Blogger Twanger said...

You found a CD shop? That's already like finding hen's teeth.. now you want a Unicorn aswell..!? If you're in Galway and you like Bluegrass, get thee to The Crane Bar on Fri Dec 14th for Gone To Grass, featuring West Tennessee Fiddle Champion 2012, the fiery fiddlin' Ivor Ottley.. You won't be disappointed!


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