17 December 2012

A succession plan for the BIB

The BIB editor writes:

The Bluegrass Ireland Blog began operating in November 2005, seven years and just under one month ago. In that time, over 3,000 posts have been put on it - nearly all are still there - and the number of visits is coming within sight of the quarter-million mark. (Just to keep things in perspective, Bluegrass Today gets that many visits in three or four months.)

The many kind words that have been said to me about the BIB and its usefulness are very greatly appreciated. Friends have also remarked that running it must take up a lot of time; and indeed, doing this the way it needs to be done takes up more time than I can continue giving to it. I shall therefore retire from bluegrass blogging as of 15 February 2013.

This is an opportunity to ensure that the really useful functions of the BIB will be continued - and perhaps improved and augmented - after that date. The blog headnote says 'The calendar is the main point of the BIB'; and I'll try to ensure that some form of interactive calendar, on which dates of events can be entered, is available before I quit.

The more 'human interest' aspects of the BIB could perhaps best be served by a Facebook page - which I'll have to leave to someone else to set up and administer. This would also add a forum function, which has been suggested in the past. Forums don't suit me, so I haven't taken this up. This is another way that the bluegrass and old-time communities in Ireland can end up getting an improved service after I retire.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who is willing to take this on - though 'anyone' is not the best word. More than one person should be involved, so that no one has to face doing it every day.

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At 1:43 pm, Blogger twiglet said...

That is so sad to hear to read....hope you and Carol are going to make the most of your free time, when you finish..

At 2:05 pm, Blogger Richard Hawkins said...

Thanks - there'll be no shortage of things to do, anyway! But I hadn't intended this announcement to be sad; I chose to operate the BIB in a labour-intensive way, and have just got tired as a result. With a bit of thought, it should be possible for the Irish bluegrass community to find a way of getting the same benefits, or more, without too much weight bearing upon any individual.

At 1:15 pm, Blogger Robert n Susie said...

Thank you for doing BIB as long as you did. I used it to find information about fests in Ireland and even attended one as a result. I am sad you are retiring but totally understand. I'll miss reading your entries. I hope I run into you at a fest in the future. Susie Bowe


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